MHWC Vanguard - Chris, Week 1

Prologue: Hi Guys a quick intro on what’s going on. Mantic put out an invite to clubs all over the world to learn about their Vanguard skirmish game. Our club Milton Hundred Wargames Club were one of the lucky ones to be picked.

We’re a club based in Sittingbourne, UK. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of Sittingbourne it’s a teeny tiny town about 30 miles south of London. But we do have an awesome club and we run a games show each year so it’s a good place to live.

We were sent 6 sets of their rules and enough minis to build a warband each.

Over the next few months we are going to post about our experiences, what we like and how we all get on. Some of the guys will be doing videos and others have their own blogs where they’ll write amazingly in-depth reviews of everything. My web skills are quite limited so I’m going to keep mine short and sweet; 500 words a week.

Hope you enjoy our journey.

Week 1: Olly got the miniatures and we all got super excited. He originally said we’d have to wait until the next club night to share them out. Needless to say none of us could wait that long to get our hands on the new shiny.

So we met at the pub and dished out the goodies. I had chosen to go for the Abyssals. I originally saw these minis come up on Kickstarter back in 2017. I’d been sorely tempted then but none of my friends had been playing Kings of War so I couldn’t justify it. I loved the classic demonic look of the Lesser Abyssals and Gargoyles. I’m not really up on the Vanguard setting yet but in my mind’s eye my troops are popping through small tears in reality and raining fiery terror down on their enemies.


I went home and tore open the boxes and started poring through all the minis. Overall they are very nice. The detail on the resin minis is very crisp and the plastic ones have a ton of options.

First word of warning – there are no assembly instructions in the box. Not too big a problem because they generally only go together one way. There were various small bits that took me a while to work out where they went. My advice; spread them all out on the dining room table and attempt to dry fit them all before gluing.

With all the bits identified I started to clean them up. It took a while - there was quite a lot of flashing on some of the minis. Take your time and make sure you have a good knife. Once they were clean though they went together really well. I did not have any big holes or areas I thought would need filling.

I used both plastic glue and super glue to put everything together. Although the boxes say the minis are plastic it’s a weird kind of plastic that doesn’t bond with regular poly cement.

After a full weekend of cleaning the minis were ready to be undercoated.

And that’s the end of week one. See you all again next week.