Milton Hundred wargames club

 Welcome to the MHWC. We are a group of like-minded individuals who meet every second & fourth tuesday of the month to partake in many different wargames, historical, sci-fi & fantasy.

Get in touch with us at

Membership Fees

Full membership is £50 per year. This can either be paid in full or a direct debit set up for £12.50 a quarter.

Alternatively there's associate membership for those only able to come to occasional meetings. There's a one off £5 sign up fee and then each meeting is £4 for the night.

Regular Rulesets at the MHWC

  • Black Powder

  • Gaslands

  • Bolt Action

  • Lion Rampant

  • Dragon Rampant

  • Full Thrust

  • Sharp Practice

  • DBA

  • DBMM

  • Rapid Fire

  • Star Wars Armada

  • X Wing

  • Pikemans Lament

  • Pike and Shotte